Need help with a crowdfunding campaign?

You've come to the right place. For the past 14 years, Miel Design Studio has been running crowdfunding campaigns for non-profits and grassroots organizations. Former clients include the Durham Literacy Center, a Tide of Hope, and Archipelago Theater. 

We only take on 1-2 full campaigns a year, but we're available for a FREE 20 minute consultation and longer strategy sessions. 


A FREE consultation includes tips + tricks we've learned over the past 14 years and some time for general questions about your campaign. A longer 90-minute strategy session ($225) includes a resource list, a campaign template, and actionable steps on how to make your campaign a SUCCESS.  


Want to know more about our approach? 

The 3 C's of Creative Crowdfunding



A successful campaign has a concrete and compelling message. Donors will feel more moved to donate give if there is a specific, tangible reason for their donation. If the crowdfunding campaign is just to donate to an unrestricted fund or in reaction to a funding shortage, there's no urgency or obvious reason to give. 

For example, it is much clearer to donors where their money is going if you're raising money for an air conditioning unit rather than raising money because an annual grant was not renewed. 

It's also helpful to have a variety of donor levels. Most crowdfunding campaigns are successful because of hundreds of small donations, not a handful of large ones. Every donor is equally important. 



There is wisdom in starting your campaign small. Donors feel more motivated to contribute to attainable goals. 

For example, if you really need to replace the A/C unit, start with the repair bill. If you CLEAR that, go for the next goal and then the next. Be mindful of not overdoing this, but dome sparingly, this tactic can help you reach a more ambitious goal. 



A successful crowdfunding campaign is built on momentum, but momentum cannot be gained if you're saying the same thing over and over. If you're just on Facebook shouting "DONATE TO OUR CAMPAIGN," folks are going to get sick of that really quickly. One way to have a reason to talk about the campaign is to CELEBRATE all of the wins - a new donor, a new sponsor, a new shoutout on social media. It also helps to frame the campaign in terms of positivity rather than constantly talking about a deficit left to raise. Donors feel more compelled to donate to a campaign that they know will be sucessful.