What makes us different?

It's a given that all design agencies are founded on good design. But beyond looking at an agency's portfolio of work, how do you choose which agency you should work with? 

At Miel Design Studio, there's one piece that makes us different: our commitment to empathy and social justice. Yes, our professional development includes furthering our skills as designers, but more importantly it means furthering our work as good citizens. 

What that actually means: 

  • all of our designers have been through Racial Equity Training
  • every 6 months we attend a workshop that is related to social justice work in our community
  • the director, Rebekah Miel, serves on the Durham Mayor's Council for Women and represents arts and culture
  • 20% of our yearly billed hours are pro-bono for social justice organizations
  • in all of our collaborations we focus on active listening and creative problem solving
  • we listen more than we talk
  • in the last 5 years, we've helped raise over $100k through traditional fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns 

All of our work is rooted in building community whether that be in Durham, NC or Sri Lanka or online. Our goal is to be thoughtful about how we do that while also being open to having difficult conversations. 

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Our Design Process