Our Design Process

Through years of collaborating with clients, we've refined our design process to a science. 

Initial Consultation

When you first meet with us, we'll have a short discussion about how we work, the goals of your project, and what the next steps are for starting our work together. 


If we both decide that we're a good fit for your project, we'll then send out a quote, a timeline, and a short questionnaire. Depending on the project, the questionnaire might be a few questions about your aesthetic or a longer set of questions about your audience,  goals, and competitors. 

Quantifiable List

That questionnaire will inform the design process, but also be distilled to a 4-6 point objective list of quantifiable goals. This short list will be very important when reviewing different iterations of the design. It's important to ask if this design meets your objectives throughout the process and having a short list to reference helps simplify that process. 

Design and Research

After you've submitted the questionnaire and approved the quantifiable list, we'll start designing and researching. This is done concurrently because as design changes, the research will also change, and vice versa. For example, sometimes we'll think we've come up with the most unique mark, but through research realize it's too close to a well-known brand which means it's back to the drawing board. 

First Drafts

The next step is to have an in-person meeting to discuss the first round of drafts. We prefer to meet in-person or on a zoom call because there's a lot that communicated when looking at first drafts that can't always be captured in an e-mail. Later revisions can be discussed over e-mail, but we're always open to meeting to talk throughout the process. 

Revisiting Quantifiable List

Typically, we like to keep all of our designs to two rounds of revisions (which doesn't include copy editing) so that the final product is not too far removed from the original goal. This is where the short, quantifiable list comes into play. Does this design fit the stated goals? If not, why isn't it working? What needs to change or be pushed further? 

Revisions and Final Product

Lastly, after the rounds of revisions, we send you final files. We always want to be sure that you have all of the material you need so we include a variety of file types, resolutions, access to your licenses (as needed), a color palette and more. 

This process may seem daunting, but the goal is to ensure that you have a design that amplifies your brand and it's paying attention to the details that make that happen. 

Interesting in collaborating? Let's talk! 

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