Pricing + Services


Graphic design and marketing starting at $105/hour.*


* non-profits can qualify for a reduced rate, but we only take on 1-2 new non-profits per calendar year. Send us an e-mail to find out if we have any space left this year. 



Exhibit design

Complete exhibit design including all panels/screens and ideas for visitor interaction. This also includes layout of the exhibit in a specific space and material recommendations for the fabricator. 

Trade show Booth Design

Complete trade show booth design including all panels/screens and ideas for customer interaction. This also includes a design for how the booth should  be setup at each location and material recommendations for the fabricator. 


A consultation meeting before the text of the exhibit is finalized. We'll talk about materials, layout, and ADA requirements for exhibits. Planning ahead saves time in the design phase. 

Social media planning for Exhibits

A consultation meeting to discuss best practice in using social media to promo your exhibit. Also, insight on how to use user generated content from the exhibit to help bolster your social media presence.  

Logo design

Need a logo for your business or next project? We'll collaborate to create a unique mark. This work also includes a color palette, an identity guide, and some strategy. 

Digital Design - 

We'll work with your established brand to create digital assets. This can include Facebook headers, social media icons, e-mail headers, Instagram templates and digital flyers. We also customize Canva to ensure that you follow your brand guidelines with every post. 



Print design

Have a poster, annual report, catalog, or season brochure that needs to be designed? We'll collaborate with you from the very beginning of the project all the way to the paper recommendations at the very end. 

Think big! We've handled all sorts of print designs from the tiniest button to billboards in Times Square; a favicon to an entire bus wrap. 

Book Design

Have a book that needs to be designed? If you're planning on publishing a book independently, there are a variety of ways we can collaborate: cover design, how to best design for e-readers, full layout, and social media strategy. 


Have a report that you need designed, but it will only be shared digitally? We can help with that. This includes layout, design, and light programming to make the pdf interactive. 


Need someone to create content for your monthly e-news or social media posts? We'd be happy to help. 


You pick the audience or message, and we'll create a flexible e-mail design that fits your needs. We'll even help with content creation too. 


Interested in creating an automated or drip campaign? We can create both the content and the workflow so that you maintain engagement with your customers and potential leads.