We worked with Rebekah on a logo design for our portrait studio after finding her from a referral on Facebook. She was great at understanding our needs, following up quickly, and delivering on time. More than that, she seemed to walk around in our brain a little . . . giving substance and life to our (sometimes) jumbled ideas. You will love working with her.
— Teresa Porter

Happy Clients


I hired Rebekah to design the official logo for SWOP East, a human rights non-profit organization, in 2008. I was blown-away by the results and, as an executive in the organization, I received countless praise from my related non-profit community on the adoption of her design. I will be hiring her again in the future for other projects.

— Jessica LAND, swop east

Rebekah did excellent work in graphic design and marketing. She understood the clients' needs, was innovative in her interpretations, and the final product was always appreciated. She works efficiently and collaboratively. I highly recommend her as a colleague and designer.

— mIRIAM sauls, DUKE

Rebekah worked for us for over a year and was one of the hires I was most excited about. Her designs were beautiful and very creative. She made very few mistakes, was easy to work with and had great communications skills. We were able to rely on her completely to manage projects on her own. We loved working with her!

— maRIA bILINSKI shAIN, indy